With the conspiracy line we want to focus on the real issues in the society all around the globe The greatest conspiracy is hidden in plain sight. We want our customers to increase awareness on certain topics.
The fragraces are built on the principles of Fibonacci Numbers and the ingredients stands in the golden ration to each other.



Being a child again. LOVE 6567 transports us back in time. Sitting between mum and dad in the cinema - with lemonade and popcorn. The feeling of security and unconditional love. Let's remember this love and pass it on - simply every day.

Can you still love?

#hatesucks #lovewins #bekind

Top: popcorn, caramel, tolu

Heart: caramel, tolu, jatamansi

Base: tolu, cypriol, musk

CHF 8.00

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HUMAN 0233 reminds us that we are human and should act like humans. The composition is 100% natural and smells of the warmth and closeness of our loved ones. We humans are all the same and need each other. Let us not forget what it means to be human — in the midst of war, hatred or machine algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Are you human?

#racismsucks #aisucks #behuman

Top: ambrette seed, magnolia flower, cistus

Heart: rosewood, cardamomen, vanilla

Base: patchouli, vetivert, labdanum

CHF 13.00

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WEALTH4181 A&O 2024 FINALIST in the Artisanal Category

WEALTH 4181 shall keep in mind our different perspectives in life due to various financial situations. WEALTH 4181 is based on a headspace analyse of fresh printed Swiss francs and wraps the wearer in a luxurious aura
How much is your soul?

#money.sucks #youareworthit
Top: Swiss francs, orris, mimosa
Heart: orris, musk, heliotrope
Base: orris, musk, sandalwood

CHF 8.00

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With FLASH 0021 we focus on the overuse of drugs and the problems in the society caused. FLASH 0021 is a life changing fragrance like a LSD trip, it gives you a boost like a line of cocaine and is as addictive as Heroine.
Are you happy now?

#drugs.sucks #behappy
Top: pepper Sechuan , truffle, popcorn
Heart: rhubarb, rosewood, heliotrope
Base: musk, sandal, dry amber

CHF 8.00

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FUEL 0987 will remind us to reduce our consumption of fuel for the planets health. FUEL 0987 embraces you in the scent of fuel and reminds you that you are racing at full speed into the abyss
Bon voyage

#pollution.sucks #enjoytheride
Top: fuel, jatamansi , oud, tar
Heart: fuel, tolu balm, caramel
Base: styrax, tar, labdanum, leather

CHF 8.00

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