In die Hand sprühen und verreiben. Bei Bedarf wiederholen. Isopropyl Myristate und D-Panthenol sind Rückfetter und bewahren die Haut vor Austrocknung durch den Alkohol. Die verwendeten ätherischen Öle zeigten Antivirale Eigenschaften gegen Noroviren und verbleiben auf der Haut, wo sie aktiv bleiben. Alkoholgehalt den WTO Richtlinien entsprechend ca. 85%.

Nicht einnehmen, nicht in die Augen sprühen.!


From Zurich with LOVE.

CHF 16.00

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  • Ships within 1-3 days is the collection of Swiss Perfumer Andreas Wilhelm. Each alcoholic solution was created for a specific project. But: they were rejected by the client.

In times where stories are more important than the product itself we want to add transparency. Following this idea we do not create perfumes. We create alcoholic solutions and declare all the ingredients including amounts. We want to be transparent. Andreas wanted to create a contra point towards the industry - still with a winking eye. Following his passion Andreas wants to share his lost trials with the world!

#edibleperfumes are finest swiss made sweets taste of perfume. Sugarfree. This spectacular sucks combines precious Orris with a hint of delicious Violet in sensual harmony of Vanilla and sandalwood like creamy coconut. #fragrantkisses #edibleperfume #gourmandorris Let us enlight your kisses and your breathe with a touch of unexpected luxury


We do not create perfume -! We create alcoholic solutions. Sprayable. We choose raw materials. Sometimes they choose us. We put them together. We let them bound. There is no story. They are the story. Transparent. Written on the bottle. Open source. We let them speak. To you. To us. Raw materials. Synthetics. Naturals. Easy ones. Complicated ones. Normal ones. Toghether. Untited. 45 grams.