The collaboration series allows us to widely think out of the box and invite other artists to team up. While the artist defines the scent direction PERFUME.SUCKS shares its design and packaging. The products are filled in our lab in Zurich Switzerland. The products are still transparent, the formula visible on the bottle.



Together with the artist Sasha Frolova, we developed a fragrance inspired by her work.


Sasha Frolova is a contemporary artist who enjoys international renown in the field of sculpture and performance. She hails from the school of Andrey Bartenev and creates oversized, inflatable latex sculptures that have become a signature of her work. The main theme of this fragrance had to be pinkish, latex-like, and leathery. A kind of second skin. During exhibitions, Sasha herself slips into a latex costume and walks through the exhibition.

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Top notes: Raspberry, Strawberry, Grass, Black and Pink Pepper, Lemon, Grapefruit

Middle notes: Suede, Currant, Thyme, Rhubarb, Geranium, Rose, Gardenia
Base notes: Leather, Oud, Patchouli, Nagarmotha, Honey, Moss, Musks

Special thanks to Sergey Borisov from Fragrantica for his review. You can read the full text here:



PS X SASHA FROLOVA Do-It-Yourself Kit 50 ml

The entire collection of PERFUME.SUCKS is available for international shipping by FedEx as a do-it-yourself option only. This allows us to ship dangerous goods as excepted quantities at reasonable prices. Our do-it-yourself kits are shipped by FedEx and will reach you in a couple of days.


The do-it-yourself kit contains:


2 x 26ml aluminum bottles of your favorite alcoholic solution

1 x Original PERFUME.SUCKS flacon

1 x Pipette for easy handling

1 x Spray cap to close the bottle

1 x Transparent cap to close the bottle with the spray cap

1 x Black cap

1 x Batch label

1 x Original PERFUME.SUCKS packaging tube

2 x Caps to close the tube and protect your bottle while traveling

1 x Original PERFUME.SUCKS sticker in your favorite color

1 x Original PERFUME.SUCKS orris-gourmand candy


Please find our 'how to do guide' here on YouTube:


From Zurich with LOVE!

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