About Us

PERFUME.SUCKS is the scent collection of Swiss perfumer Andreas Wilhelm. For over twenty years, he has been creating perfumes on behalf of manufacturers around the world. Perfumes that are overlaid with stories that are conveyed to you through advertising images and packaging. The contents of the flacons are mystified, the ingredients nowhere identified. For his collection, Wilhelm relies on full transparency. The bottles are transparent, the ingredients printed on them. For him the focus is on the composed scent and nothing else. We let the scent tell the story. Wanna smell it?


Our Attitude

A perfume stuns all the senses. A perfume creates an illusion. A fictional story that is told to you through the advertising images, the packaging, the bottle and a mysterious liquid. You can no longer really perceive the scent itself. It is superimposed by this story. That's why we say:


Our mission is to focus on full transparency. Our recipes are common good, there for you to spread, hack, wear, enjoy. Smell the story. And make it to your own.

Our Mantra


We do not create perfume – perfume sucks.

We create alcoholic solutions. Sprayable. We choose raw materials. Sometimes they choose us. We put them together. We let them bound. There is no story. They are the story. Transparent. Written on the bottle. Open source. We let them speak. To you. To us. Raw materials. Synthetics. Naturals. Easy ones. Complicated ones. Normal ones. Together. United.