Sometimes its sad being located in Switzerland!

Our custom scans every parcel and if it looks like there is a perfume bottle in the parcel they will block it and send it back to me. Also we get a fine in case its not the first time.

Comparing to other countries we seem to be the only ones following these restrictions in that way. Just realised as recently I bouth something from an online store of a friend perfumer in south of europe. He could send me the bottle with regular post service and without delaration, never ending story...

We are getting more and more retailers and may ask you in the future to use them for specific geografical areas...

Soon our products will be distributet in lovely Sweden and UK by Sniph :-)

Riga is comming soon too! Hurray

US is also just waiting to confirm the order once our papers are approved with UPS...

So stay tuned and we'll keep you updated




Eichstrasse 23

8045 Zurich