The best way to explore our alcoholic solutions. Here you'll get one 2.4 ml sample each of our cellection consists so far of seven perfumes. Perfect to dive into our universe.

The set comes together with our stickers for guerilla marketing and the gorgeous Orris candies


samples set 2ml of all 7 alcoholic solutions

CHF 25.00

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The ultimate PERFUME.SUCKS do It yourself kit

The whole collection of PERFUME.SUCKS is available for international shipping by Fedex as a do it yourself option only. This allows us to ship dangerous goods as excepted quantities for reasonable prices. Our do it yourself kits are shipped by Fedex and will reach you in a couple of days.

The do it yourself kit contains:

2 x 26ml Aluminium Bottle of your favorite alcoholic solution

1 x original PERFUME.SUCKS flacon

1 x Pipette for an easy handling

1 x Spray cap to close the bottle

1 x transparent cap to close the bottle with the spray cap

1 x black cap

1 x batch lable

1 x original PERFUME.SUCKS packaging tube

2 x caps to close the tube and protect your bottle while traveling

1 x original PERFUME.SUCKS Sticker in your favorite color

1 x original PERFUME.SUCKS orris-gourmand candy

Please find our 'how to do guide' here on youtube:


From Zurich with LOVE

PERFUME.SUCKS international shipping option as Do It Yourself

CHF 69.00

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