GREEN 368C Ambery – gourmand

Resinous buds of marihuana open this amazing fragrance while a drop of coffee makes sure you dont fall asleep. Hypnotizing spicy notes like crispy green cardamomen and fresh sliced ginger wrapped in lustful juicy mango slices are the heart of the fragrance. Warm and longlasting caramel like ambernotes will last forever and makes sure this sillage will nobody miss while crossing your way.



RED 198C Fruity – ambery – oriental

Sparkling red mandarine opens the topnote in a happy combination with juicy applenotes. Rich pink pepper and a whisper of white peony blossoms adds an unforgettable twist to it. In the heartnote a sensual leather accord balanced by precious orange flowers absolute are the main notes while a fresh lily of the valley adds a bit feminine sensuality. The dark essence of patchouly takes us to the far east with its misterious and fascinating tales. In the dry down a serious load of frivole ambre together with vetiver contributes a unique and luxury woody note. Soft petals of gardenia rounds the amazing experience off and lasts all night.



BLUE 3135C Sunscreen – seabreeze – salt

A happy day at the beach was the briefing here. This happy day starts with a good load of sea and salt wrapped in enough sunscreen not to get a sunburn. Pineapple from your Pina Colada makes you smile and adds a shining solaire accord. Sensual sandalwood let the sun shine on your skin and makes sure this gorgeous beauty lasts and lasts and lasts.



YELLOW 133C Woody – oud

In the topnote a well aged carribean rum bewitches our nose while cinnamon bark from Ceylon in combination with drop of resinous fir balsam adds a deep and warm spicy aspect. The heart note opens with rich oud wood notes, the most luxurious wood in the whole world. Labdanum and patchouly surround this unique and extraordinary wood accord while dry and exotic cypriol from India supports the elegant richness. In the base note an overdose of ambrox, found in real grey ambra, stands for pure masculinity. Limbwood - a base from Firmenich, often used in oriental perfumery - fixes this rich frangrance on your skin and embrace you fragrant the whole day. All in all the pure luxury of real oud. Dry woody and golden ambery. Some kind of an Aventus - but just for real Man.



PURPLE 333C Cold – ambery – androgyne

Purple is most probably the first amber fragrance offers a cold trigernal nerve sensation. Molecules found on swiss glassiers opens this fragrance as a fresh breeze like wind carries the snow. Delicious orris and neon colored aldehydes round the first impression off in a luxurious and modern way. Swiss stone pine trees, the guardians of the glaciers, add a clean and dry side in the heartnote while dainty mimosa adds the needed softnes. Almost like fresh fallen snow. A timeless rich and slightly salty leather accord round this unique experience off while tingly ginger add a bit of tension. Fluffy cashmere wool wraps our nose so we can stand this unique and fresh experience.



BLACK C Spicy – oriental

This beauty opens with vibrant pink pepper along with resinous olibanum from Jemen. Our home made black ambra tincure softens the spices and prepares the heartnote for the oldest perfumery ingredient ever where real spikenard unfolds its beauty in glorious company of oud from Vietnam. In the basenote an overdose of moss in duet with dark caramel takes over and will surround you with a mysterious and glamorous aura.

For Black the startingpoint was actually the Baccarat Rouge from Francis, thats why caramel and moss. Requested by a client from Middle East to create a fragrance who pays attention to the Arab heritage.



LIVING CORAL 16-1546C Orris – gourmand
Living Coral was inspired by the Pantone color of the year 2019 and opens with soft tones of a delicious tincture of real grey ambra wrapping in an overdose of rich orris. Cotton candy in the heartnote accompanies the orris in a sensual and sweetish way while in the dry down the orris is still there.

Living Coral contains maybe the highest load of orris in the history of perfume and forms a transparent and modern sillage.